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Make the Switch to Yogurt - There's No Substitute for It!

Keep live and active culture yogurt stocked in your refrigerator for a lowfat or nonfat alternative to mayonnaise and sour cream in dips, sauces, dressings and more.  It's so easy to use everyday that you'll discover the possibilities are endless! Don't miss out on these opportunities to make the switch to yogurt, the wholesome food for everybody:

Skip the Syrup: Top waffles or pancakes with fresh blueberries and a dollop of lemon flavored yogurt. The protein boost of yogurt turns a favorite treat into a complete meal.

Move Over Mayonnaise: Substitute plain, nonfat or lowfat yogurt for one-third to one-half the mayonnaise normally used in tuna, chicken and potato salads, as well as for coleslaw or on sandwiches. You'll enjoy the familiar tang and creaminess of mayonnaise without the excess fat.

Sweeten Treats: Instead of full-fat ice cream or whipped cream, top a slice of pound cake with lowfat, vanilla or French vanilla yogurt. Or, serve cake, pies and/or fruit with a scoop of frozen lowfat yogurt.

Get Saucy: Mix plain yogurt with spicy mustard or chili sauce, to taste, for shrimp dip or as a great topping for roasted chicken and/or fish. Likewise, marinating with yogurt and spices creates more tender, juicy meat.

Dip in: Use plain yogurt as a base for vegetable and chip dips. Add your favorite seasonings, mix, chill and serve. Again, the protein boost turns a dip with veggies into a mini-meal.

Dream a Dressing: Turn a bottle of vinaigrette into a "homemade" creamy dressing by adding 2-3 tablespoons of plain yogurt per cup of dressing.

Top a Tater: Cut the fat by substituting plain nonfat or lowfat yogurt for traditional sour cream on baked potatoes.

Say Olé: Cool down your favorite Mexican dishes with a dollop of plain yogurt, instead of sour cream.

Whip up a Smoothie: Combine your favorite sliced fruits with plain or fruit-flavored yogurt and ice in the blender for a refreshing instant meal.