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National Yogurt Association Seal Program Introduction

Currently there is significant consumer confusion about which dairy products, both refrigerated and frozen, contain live and active cultures. There also is confusion about levels of live and active cultures in various products. The NYA Seal Program is designed to alleviate this confusion. It will enable consumers to clearly identify yogurt products that contain significant amounts of live and active cultures, helping them to differentiate readily these products from other products which do not contain such cultures.

The NYA Seal is available to qualified producers of live and active culture refrigerated and frozen yogurt for use on product labels and in advertising and promotional materials.

It is anticipated that if proper distribution practices and handling instructions are followed, the total organisms in both refrigerated cup and frozen live and active culture yogurt at the time of consumption will be at least 107 CFU per gram.

NYA is the national trade association representing manufacturers of live and active culture yogurt products and the suppliers to the industry. NYA is dedicated to one overall goal increasing the per capita consumption of live and active culture yogurt in the United States. NYA is bringing the message of the value of live and active culture yogurt to American consumers.
NYA Seal Program Procedures and Guidelines, including:
* NYA Criteria, Sampling and Analytical Procedures
* International Dairy Federation Standards for Yogurt: Enumeration of Characteristic Microorganisms and Titratable Acidity
* List of Independent Laboratories
* NYA Laboratory Report Form
* NYA Live and Active Cultures Seal Application